Thursday, May 31, 2018

Be Here Now

If you are looking to become special, emotionless, attract money, career, partner; good health or to be on the happy side, if you want to save your relationship or have healthy body; non-duality or its speaker cannot help you with any of it. You might rather read a next law of attraction book, visit a doctor for a sedative prescription, or even visit a liquor store. These things might give you much more excitement or leave you emotionless for a little while. There is nothing wrong with the dream.
(Sabine NowHere)

I found this insight in a Facebook discussion, and don’t really have anything to add. Except, be one with your desire and live your dream to the best of your ability. Our misery comes from looking ahead, from running to the other yard where the grass is supposedly greener only to find that our grass and our yard was perfect, handpicked just for us. We didn’t see and appreciate the fact. Be here now and see what happens! Some dreams you shall manifest, others will become meaningless along the Way.

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