Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Ascended Snake

The slithering snake—the scheming ego—got us unto this mess. That is the message of the fall in the Greatest Story ever told. Yet, there is a hope for us. The doors to the Garden of Eden are not locked. We just have forgotten how to get there. Some of our spiritual best have demonstrated to themselves and everyone else that the snake can ascend. We can transcend our narrow-minded human agenda, and our horizontally captured energy can climb the 33 vertebrae right into the Crown Chakra. Our human mission can be understood and aligned with GOD’s Kingdom.

I had a dream once in which I saw a snake with Angel wings. I understood that it was a symbol of wholeness and holiness. Yesterday, I went to a yard sale and found a stature that combines this symbol, yet contains so much more. Yin—the divine feminine—transformed the snake into 5 ascended snake heads (I paid 5 bucks for it!). She holds the phallus in her hand and transforms this dormant yang energy into an illuminated Crown Chakra. Asian design meets Native American Eagle wings. Psychological symbols meet Catholic holiness. C.G Jung could not have improved on this one.

Wholeness merges with holiness. Yin and yang are in harmony, and the limitless energy connection with GOD is restored. The snake is finally Home.

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Am I The Same Girl said...

Wow. Thank you for sharing these as they are powerful. The snake is a very powerful energy that I have often feared and hid from. Definitely a powerful messenger for me.