Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Enlightenment: How to square the circle?

The idea that there’s somewhere we have got to get to, and something we have to attain, is our basic delusion.
(Tenzin Palmo)

Enlightenment is not about accumulating knowledge; it is about disposing of what is not our true Self.

Enlightenment is not about becoming known either; it is about becoming aware of the desire to lead and lecture others.

How to succeed then? How to square the circle? How to stop the ego that wants to run away from the here and now and become wise and famous instead?

One answer is to do absolutely nothing. When we become aware of the here and now we realize that the drive to succeed and accomplish is not our true Self.

If we find it hard to sit still, we can try light-working instead. When we fall in love with the people we work with, they will pull us into the here and now.

The old saying is true, ‘be here now or be nowhere’—as it turns out, the circle is perfect; when we reside at its center, there is no squaring necessary at all.

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