Thursday, August 28, 2008

Don't Mess With Your Boss

Perhaps you will not be surprised about this headline, many of us have experienced that it is not wise to mess with your boss. If you don't like his or her vision, quit and find another job. You certainly can and should express your views, but if they fall on deaf ears, your boss will have the upper hand. After all, your boss was hired to implement his/her vision.
I was reminded of this when I contemplated my True Self. I remember many occasions when I knowingly went against my True Self. Not for long of course; one gets subtle reminders that perhaps this action is not particularly useful for one's spiritual development. The messages get louder until in the end you face a sledge-hammer. Sooner or later the insight hits home. This sensitivity to the signs from beyond is a function of your spiritual development. In my case, it has just been a year since I perceive the messages and enjoy this communication with my True Self.
Another good indicator whether you are in accord with your True Self is your health. Just study your face and your body. If your face is old and haggard, chances are you are facing resistances in your life; if it is young and innocent, chances are that you are in accord with your higher Self. Dis-ease is a clear sign that something is off. The ultimate sickness is cancer were your system shuts down on you. To prevent disease is simple, just look out for these little signs; stop doing whatever you are doing when you are not at peace with yourself. In my case, when my sinus is stuffed up, I know that something is off. Breathing is what connects me to my higher Self, once this is out of balance, I know we have a problem somewhere. Don't fight the boss: True Self, Thy Will be Done.

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