Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quench Your Desire

When all the desires of the heart will be vanquised, then this very mortal will become immortal - then the very man will become God (Vivekananda).

A powerful statement, and very true. When we have managed to quench all our desires, there is just not longer anything to do - earth school has become meaningless for us and we can move to higher plane. The question, of course, is how to? I believe there are artificial desires which are ego driven and just dissolve once you discover your Self. But then, there are desires which you need to live trough just because they are part of your mission statement, i.e. your Self just wants you to live them out. If you deny them, they keep coming to haunt you until you face them. Confusing, eh? The problem with that approach is that you have to know exactly what your Self wants, you cannot just pick up a Holy Book and follow the dos and avoid the don'ts.

The reader of this Blog will perhaps know that this is the sequel to Embrace your Vasana (7/10/08). I got the answer to my question the same evening I wrote my Blog. After I was finished I looked for my original Vasana note in my archive and was surprised to find it right next to my note on Mathew's (7:7). It very much looked to me that Sadhguru's battle cry, whatever you do, go all the way was very much endorsed by my True Self.

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