Thursday, January 22, 2009

Test Your Passions

I recently read The Passion Test and liked it. The book encourages you to periodically review your goals in life, and along the theme of the Secret, as you write them down and prioritize them, you start creating your destiny. One point was missing though, what force inside you drives these passions? If you aspire to become a multi-millionaire, a tycoon or the golf's best golfer you can fulfill your life destiny or you can be on a massive ego trip. Only you know which applies, nobody else.

It is not easy to find out what the underlying driving force is. Desires are created because we are wanting in some areas for reasons we mostly don't know. These wants are often in the areas of power, money, success and sex. You have to follow your passions since you need to know what makes you tick. The upside is that this path might lead you to your destiny, that you can work off your existing karma and gain many spiritual insights as you you wander along this path. There is no real downside as long as you keep your eyes open. If your ego is indeed the only driving force, you will learn a lot about this fellow and you will better understand where you are coming from.

What signpost can you look? When things are falling into place miraculous, chances are you are on your chosen path. If things are falling apart instead, chances are the fellow is lurking in the background. Watch the reactions of your friends, co-workers family members. If you gel, you are on your path, if you upset them you are probably on an ego trip. If you passion starts getting addictive you know the ego is your driving force. Has anybody heard of an ego test along these lines, I would love to read more on this area.

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