Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trumpets of Glory

The battle has finally begun. Both empires concentrated their last resources on this battle field. In 250 BC, rules of the game were quite different. The dark empire from the east was just miles away from our homeland. Forget my life, if this line breaks the invading forces will erase us out of the history books. Our wives will be raped, our children and parents slaughtered. It doesn't look good. There are way too many of them. So many of my friends, relatives and comrades have fallen in front of my eyes. An arrow ripped through my side. I have no idea whether this wound is mortal or just a flesh wound. I have stopped feeling things a while ago. My shield and sword are raised, I am trying to hold the line, but inch by inch we are pushed back.

Until the last moment we had hoped that our brothers from Spartacus will come to our rescue. Perhaps the messengers never reached them. The night is falling; it is over. But wait, am I dreaming? Is life already leaving my body? I hear these faint memories of glory, these trumpets of Spartacus. Could the miracle be happening? A light is flashing on the left flank. It's no dream, hundred of horses are rushing down the hill. Arrows are striking the enemy out of nowhere. I saw a flash of fear in my opponent's eye just seconds before I struck my sword into his belly. A jolt of energy is coming from behind, the enemy is fleeing in despair. I have no idea whether I will be living or not, but my wife, children and parents will live another day. Thank you Lord!

I have heard the Trumpets of Glory in my life; I am sure you have too. Life is theatrical by design. We are hear to learn. The Divine Matrix creates these theatrical outcomes. By no means would I like to say that you will always have Hollywood endings. Remember that your brother is fighting in the "enemy lines" as well. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose, but never count out miraculous endings. Don't give up on an event just because it is unlikely. In mathematics an event with zero probability still can and will occur. That's what life is all about.

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