Friday, January 2, 2009

The Secret of the Tao

No knowing the Way is the best security you can have to be on the Way.
Arnold Keyserling

In the new age of spirituality it dawns on us that we are the co-creators of this universe. If we are in a divine matrix, God's video game called Maya, he needs good players and it is our job to perform to the best of our endowments and capabilities. Many of us know about the Secret by now. Should we all create our own destiny with the help of affirmations and visualize ourselve into our desired dreamworld?

The problem is that we might have limited knowledge of what our destiny really is. We have a vague idea, we have passions that we should, most of them anyway, follow. But in the end it will be up to the Tao to steer us in the right direction. I liked the quote from Arnold Keyserling. If you move though the air like a fallen leaf in the wind, chances are you are on the right path.

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