Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Consume the Whiskey, don't let the Whiskey Consume you

I used to drink red wine with dinner and tried to keep it to one glass a night (a big one, I have to admit) Unfortunately, I ended up having more than one glass way too often. So I decided to pretty much stop drinking altogether as it is easier to forgo the first glass than the second or third. I have to say, I admire the folks who can just have one drink a night. Those that control their alcohol intake are the successful ones; the unsuccessful ones unfortunately often end up at AA.

Addictions, compulsive behaviours and subconscious acts are something most of us have to tackle. Our spiritual journey deals with bringing our subconscious actions onto the surface. I now understand better why many religions put fasting on their spiritual menu. Observe what is going on inside yourself when your stomach is growling and you force yourself to stare at a delicious meal for a while without lifting your fork.

This is actually a follow-up to my previous note, Three Do Nots. When you deal with your desires, and often pernicious habits, you have two choices: submit and ignore them in the name of spirituality or self-development, or burn them up while you pursue them. In either case, your willpower and observation skills will be required. If you suppress your desires, that is if you can, you obviously cannot do anything but watching your ego revolt. If you go after your desires, the trick is to burn them without the ego getting the better of you. You can only do that if you monitor that fellow in action very closely. Consume your desires, don't let them consume you.

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