Monday, February 23, 2009

Three Do Nots

An Aghori (a spiritual path that embraces not-so-holy activities) master gave the following advice: Don't be embarrassed about your vasanas (desires), do not fear and do not doubt!

When it comes to your passions, you have a decision to make. You can embrace them and burn them off, or you can choose to ignore your urges in the name of spirituality or self-development. Pursuing your vasanas often has karma attached since where your desires are, the ego is lurking around the corner. But ignoring them also has a hefty spiritual price tag attached as many monks and some married folks will be able to attest. The choice is up to you. Just ask yourself what side effects your passions are likely to have. If you think you can handle the 'bad karma' just go for it and burn your vasanas off once and fore all.

If you go for it, don't be embarrassed about your urges. They tell you where you come from and what unfinished business is still left in your spiritual evolution. Don't fear, there is no good and evil as God states in Neal Walsh's Conversations with God. There is only useful and not useful for your spiritual evolution. Do not doubt: if you have already travelled so far you might as well get it done with. There is no turning back now; the sooner you say 'Been there, done that', the better. Just do it!

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