Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Freedom Trail

If you come to Boston, you will find a red line in the middle of the city, the Freedom Trail. It conveniently connects all the city's attraction and is a nice tourist attraction in itself. I was thinking of it the other day when I reflected on Taoism. For me the trail is like the way (Tao). If you keep your eyes open in life, you cannot help seeing a line that elegantly connects all the dots. Pretty much all spiritual teacher recommend living in the now; Taoism does this for you. You are alert and have your eyes wide open because you do not want to miss the next clue about yourself, life and all your friends.

When you are connected to the Source moment by moment, you have so much fun and loads of energy. People are calling you up just when you think of them. Strangers are saying unexpected things out of the blue, and for some incomprehensible reason it makes perfect sense just at this time. A song on the radio gives you the answer you have been looking for. Everything about that ride is just easy, fun and meaningful.

A question of course is how to stay connected to the way all the time, and I certainly have no answers. Something I have recently learned about myself is that whenever I face my fears, I often get unexpected help from all places. In a sense I am now looking forward to the life's challenges as it increases the odds that I again can go on one of those treasure hunts. Try it yourself and enjoy the ride!

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