Friday, March 20, 2009

The Lucky Break

I have heard other people say that when you follow your spiritual path you become better at what you do and more successful in the process. It strikes me that you have to be a little careful with that concept. I very much doubt that you become more successful from the perspective you had when you started your journey. Things that mattered to you before (social recognition, promotions at work, wealth, etc.) are unlikely to show up the way you expect just because the spiritual soul-finding path is all about finding out that these things do not matter to you after all.

In my life I am running the experiment that Jesus suggested: Put yourself at the lower end of the table and see whether anybody invites you to move up. The trick, of course, is not to expect that this will happen otherwise your humility is arrogance in disguise.

I do not want to sound like Paula Abdul, but there is something to her concept of being vulnerable. If you really let your guard down and just accept to let happen whatever needs to happen, you suddenly get a lucky break. By ignoring the urges of your ego, a higher force takes over. Your enemies, as your ego perceives them, suddenly turn out to be your friends in disguise. As you let your ego down, the universe starts rooting for you. It is as simple at that, try it!

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