Friday, April 17, 2009

How to Become an Extrovert?

In one of the discussion groups of Personal Development for Smart People Form, people described their transformation from introvert to extrovert. I reflected on my transition, though according to some I might still be considered an Introvert. After all, I still can't "work a room full of strangers". Why shouldn't one be shy when one meets somebody for the first time? No, my transition has been a different one, whereas people tended to drain my energy before, they now give me energy. What a joy it has become to bump into people.

My change in attitute started when I read the following line "If everyone is God talking, why not be polite and listen?" What a concept! People are our mirrors; we attract them consciously and subconsciously, and the all have a message for us, friend as much as foe.

Have you ever noticed how you behave when you talk to somebody? The times when you assume an arrogant pose just because somebody flatters you. Have you seen the wince in your opponent's face when you say something untactful? To some extent the spiritual path is about becoming more sensitive. You need people for that transition. What took a sledgehammer before to get into your head, now takes the movement of an eye. This process requires other people - they are your mirror. Enjoy your daily conversations with God!

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