Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Strange Kind of Power

I was returning from a business trip to Europe and I was standing in line for boarding. The boarding crew called out 3 names when suddenly the thought flashed, "Oh, you will be flying first class today". Three names were called and mine wasn't part of the list, so I thought so much about my intuition. Five minutes later two more names were called, again my name wasn't on the list. We boarded the plane and I had already forgotten all about it when suddenly a woman approached me "Oh, you have 11G as well?" You can imagine the rest of the story.

So what power have I acquired in the meantime? I am just tuned in with what happens. With little tricks like that you can impress your family, but you cannot accomplish anything actively on your own; it is the Force that does everything. You are just an aware bystander. "Without my Father I am nothing", Jesus says. In fact, once you feel connected to the Source you stay as humble as you can and just drift like a leaf in the wind because you want to maintain this precious connection moment by moment.

How different the situation must be for the people who want to use the Law of Attraction actively. Just imagine I would have decided in the morning to treat myself with a first class upgrade. I probably would have sat in the taxi concentrating on this outcome to convince my subconscious that the universe has a first class seat for me. I could have missed the smile of the cab driver when he phoned his daughter, missed the blooming trees outside, or missed the song on the radio that had an answer to a question that was on my mind. The Secret is powerful, but it can cut you off from the Source.

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