Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flip the Channel

The Law of Attraction is kind of cool if you experiment with it. It is especially powerful if you invoke it to get insights about yourself. Like Neal Walsh in his Conversations with God you can just write your question on a piece of paper and the answer will come. One word of caution though, just getting the answer will not always suffice. Sometimes you will be granted an experience that allows you to internalize a new way of thinking. It can feel like therapy, but at least it will be much cheaper. I find it amazing to think that you can write a question down and your personal TV program flips to the desired channel.

All your thoughts, past actions, and goals determine the events and people you attract into your life. I have realized this several times now. One simple example in this direction, I struggle a bit with names and recognizing faces. At one point I just decided that remembering names would be my new priority. Whereas before, my colleagues at work came around corners in split seconds, they now parade for a good 10 seconds before me when I meet them, which gives me ample of time to place them. One day we had an off site and I addressed the universe, " I thank you in advance for handing me all names on a platter". To my pleasant surprise everyone was wearing name tags that day.

I would love to hear your examples when you consciously flipped channels. Did it work smoothly, or did you experience some unintended consequences?

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