Saturday, August 15, 2009

Against the Wind

You probably know this song, it has a nice tune, but the lyrics feel lonely and sad. I know that many believe in the "Going with the Flow" philosophy, but you probably will face stretches along your spiritual path that feel lonesome and uphill.

Our journey is all about dismantling the "I" to see what lies beyond. Ignoring the demands of the "I" can at times feel like having needles under your skin. Let me give you a pretty trivial example. I have stopped drinking coffee just because I observed an energy source at the back of my head that doesn't require additional stimulus. Boy, do I miss my coffee!!! Similarly, I quit drinking my occasional glass of beer or wine since alcohol lowers your mindfulness. As you know, mindfulness and will power is what it takes to keep the demands of the "I" in check.

Actually, the spiritual path traveler is in this respect not any different from anyone who aspires to accomplish a particular goal and pushes her own boundaries in the process. I would love to hear from you what little sacrifices you have made along your journey.

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