Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We don't discuss sex and spirituality very often, perhaps because sex is still considered somewhat of a taboo in a spiritual community - to me it seems the two are quite connected. I thought of the image of a wild, powerful horse. It takes an effort to tame it, but if you succeed, the wilder and stronger the horse initially is, the more powerful it will be once you have channeled its energy in the right direction.

I have heard some say that the process of channeling once sexual energy into spiritual power is what it takes to achieve the highest union with the source, samadhi. I don't know whether this is true, but I remember sitting in a meeting once and suddenly felt a strange sensation in my testicles. It almost seemed as if some strange force was suddenly emanating from there, which got me thinking whether our spiritual energy originates from our sexual organs. If that is the case, we should be able to fire up our horsepower so to speak via sexual restraint. This is certainly an area we can all experiment with and see whether it is true or not. I also wonder whether this applies for women as well.

I once saw a couple of beautiful glass paintings in a Delhi hotel next to each other that certainly seemed to make this point. The first showed the classic scene of a warrior with his girl making out at night in a desert. His sexual energy, depicted by a massive sword pointing towards her, was just about to leave his body. Next to the painting was the image of the Buddha in his meditation pose, experiencing the state of samadhi. You could see how his sexual energy was moving up his spine into his brain - a perfect recycling of energy.

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