Friday, September 18, 2009

The Job Interview

An elegant looking 25 year old is interviewing with a prestigious company. The young woman has the best credentials, university education, work experience, but most importantly generates the impression of being incredibly creative. She has one last interview with her upcoming boss just to iron out the last items of their employment contract. You know, she says, I need a good compensation because I live in an expensive city and I like to impress our clients with designer suits. You certainly will get that the benign looking boss replies. Also, I need a state of the art lap-top because I am most creative when I work at outside locations. Certainly, was the response. A window office with view over the ocean would be good, because I am really creative when I see water. Actually, we have already reserved this office for you was the response. Lastly, I think I am so creative that I would like to request the right to patent now and then some of my inventions under my own name. Well, the boss says, that is the one request I cannot give to you since we invest all our resources in you because we as a company want to profit from your ideas all the time.

This conversation came to my mind when I thought about manifestations the other day. You might have guessed it already, the boss is God and the young woman is God's co-creator. I myself haven't really experimented much with conscious manifestations, but I would think many of you have. My conjecture would be that all requests work out magically if they are required inputs for your chosen spiritual destiny. After all, God's co-creator has every right to live a prosperous, peaceful and harmonious life. But if you mistake ego-driven desires with your spiritual destiny, your True Self will start undermining the process sooner or later.

Any insights on this conjecture would be greatly appreciated!

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