Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Missing Brick in the Wall

I remember sitting in front of a brick stone wall and was asking Lord Krishna to remove just one stone for me, so that I would have a place to start hammering away the wall that separates me from Him. I never felt any response to my prayer, but years later I realized that light was shining through this imaginary object, so my prayer must have been answered after all.

I think our spiritual journey starts in earnest when you experience an observer different from the voice in your head. This is the day when the mirror has the first crack and you can start shipping away the rest. You may remember the story of Rosetta Stone which enabled the linguists to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphs via a reference to ancient Greek. Similarly, the ego's days are counted when you get the first glimmer of the beyond that lives inside yourself.

You may have been a spiritual traveler for a while, but when you consciously separate yourself from your ego, your journey becomes a carefree stroll. At one point you stop to smell a flower and admire the beautiful scenery, and it is then that you realize that you are already there.

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