Monday, September 14, 2009

Who is Laughing?

Many believe that thinking will not get you far along your spiritual path. Never underestimate the ingenuity of the ego the critics of jnana (wisdom) yoga rightly point out. If you hear "you will not get me this time around you rotten fellow" in your head, it is probably the ego playing games with itself.

Well, my spiritual path is one of gaining insights. It is almost as if a light bulb is going off in my head. Sometimes when I experience something, read something, or suddenly make a connection to a memory, I just know that another step along my spiritual path has been taken. So in effect I don't subscribe to the point of view that your mind is nothing but a bundle of ego-driven thoughts.

There is an authority deep down inside myself who laughs when I spot obvious egocentric thoughts. It is a deep voice, and it sounds so jovial that it seems unlikely that my ego is just playing sophisticated tricks. But either way, it is fun to laugh at oneself from time to time.

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