Saturday, November 7, 2009

I would do anything for love ...

There are tunes and melodies that just burn themselves into my brain. Most of the lyrics out there are love songs; have you observed that many of them can be reinterpreted as the love towards God? Well, this one from Meatloaf probably can't since it continues ... but I won't do that.

The path to God is a commitment of all or nothing. The journey is all about overcoming the ego and if you just leave one dark corner behind, the ego will take you back with a vengeance. You probably remember the last 3 temptations of Christ and Buddha, they were all about power, wealth and sex. If you leave one dark spot behind, the ego will grab you by the balls (excuse the graphic masculine expression).

There was a time when I thought that you could just live your ego-driven passions and then outgrow them, but I no longer think that this is possible. You are just growing cancer cells that way. When it comes to God you either go towards Him/Her, or you go away. You have no choice but following your passions, but make sure that you always do everything for love - love knows no exceptions.

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