Friday, December 18, 2009

Deflating Bubbles

Our sons get balloons when we go to our favorite Mexican restaurant or to Trader Joes. They love to let the balloons fly up to our ceiling and are then after me to get them down for them again. We play this game 10 to 20 times until I eagerly look forward to the next morning when the balloons will be lying on the floor deflated.

I remember a day when I was sitting at work and felt deflated like my kids' balloons. Everything that had driven me up to this point just seemed empty and meaningless. I took it as a sign that my ego experienced a little prick and something inside just deflated. Unfortunately I know that this was just one signpost on my spiritual path, as several other ego centers inside myself still have plenty of air in them. Still, isn't it cool to know that one day you may wake up and your old self has just vanished and you suddenly see the world differently?

This still leaves the important question what exactly deflates the ego and how one can speed up the process. I certainly have no answers but as always would be interested in your ideas.

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