Thursday, December 24, 2009

You Are Not That

Many us us entertain the concept of the True Self, but if you really think about it you realize that you know nothing about it. Yes, we can listen to the so-called enlighten folks who tell us who we really are once we are there, but how does that help us here and now. All we can observe is ourselves, the bundle of emotions, thoughts and reactions to our environment. When we are greedy, or lust after sex or power that's who we are at the moment, how can we help our spiritual development by muttering 'you are not that'?

Something we can do though is to start unraveling some negative energy fields that our personality has developed over the years. When a teenager hates her body so much that she starves herself into her notion of shape, or when an aspiring model gets one plastic surgery done after another to chase her dream of physical beauty, not to mention the middle-aged husband who gets a penis enlargement done and then leaves his wife because she doesn't appreciate his newly acquired assets enough. I don't know whether you realize it, but this hunger for more is in all of us, for some it is about the body and for others it is greed or the hunger for power. This negative energy pattern can be fixed if you have the patience, will-power and psychological help to unravel it in your system. In the end all of these desires are just a compensation for some deep-rooted psychological problems.

You are not the cry for more and you can discover this for yourself. But you have to accept all the character traits you own, otherwise you are just sweeping new dirt under the carpet. You are that, be proud of who you are right now.

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