Tuesday, December 29, 2009


At work we have a conference room shaped like an amphitheater. One day I observed that 6 female colleagues who I all consider attractive where sitting in two columns of 3, leaving one column of seats empty between them. All 6 were facing me and when I focused in on the empty seats, I was able to look right through them into the blue sky and the forest of the city outskirts. The symbol was immediately clear to me: my spiritual freedom would be complete if I only was able to redirect my sexual energies and the sky is the limit.

You may say that this occurrence was a message of God or the ramblings of my super-ego, in either case, I attracted this group formation into my life that day. The Law of Attraction at work! I mentally thanked this group for sending me the message and thought that really every moment we are connected with the universe and all we have to do is to observe and listen. If you view life that way you can have so much fun. There is so much to discover about our subconscience, our soul and our misconceived notions. Just have your eyes open and learn.

What symbols have you attracted today into your life?

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