Saturday, January 30, 2010


You can observe your mind in action, the endless sizing up or down of people and events, the hunger for personal gains, as well as all the worries and fears. They say you shouldn't judge your mind, ego or personality (however you want to call your steam of desires) and just observe them instead. Well, how exactly do you do that since I notice my thoughts most of the time when a hear a loud 'not again' voice, which already implies a value judgement.

When you say, 'I hear your desire but I will do diddly squat about it' then the Buddha in you is speaking, but isn't he part of the same institution that represents your desires to start with? Aren't you just arguing with yourself? And who is the third voice who screams 'silence, silence' in the background? Is there any way out of this mental madness?

These thoughts were going through my mind when I commuted home. The radio played Anna Nalick's Breathe - 2AM song followed by Faith Hill's Breathe. 'Oh', I suddenly thought, 'God answered this one immediately this time around.'

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