Thursday, February 4, 2010

Son of God

He was in his forties, had wife and kids, and was just told to leave the company he was working for. Fourteen years, he thought to himself bitterly, and thrown out just one day without any apparent reason. He thought of the people he had mentored, some of them had risen above him in the organization with an amazing speed. It was probably them who undermined me, he thought to himself, I knew it all along. Then his anger turned to God, where is the love you always preach about. This is a dog-eat-dog world.

As he step out he realized how bitterly cold it was. He didn't have a car starter like all his colleagues and he was not looking forward to getting into his freezing car on the parking lot. When he had reached the lot he suddenly realized how much light there was. He had never come here at this time of the day. But there was more. For some reason only his car was bathing in sunlight while the rest of the parking lot was covered by shade. As he stepped into his warm car tears were running down his cheek "I am the Son of God after all".

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