Friday, February 5, 2010


He put down his pen in a state of bliss. He knew he had written what would be an instant hit in the self-improvement community. He visualized and just felt how his master piece would reach the top spot on the Amazon bestseller list on the first day of its release.

She sat in a meeting with the top executives of the firm and suddenly realized how everyone was studying her facial expressions. One frown on her face could literally change the tone of the meeting. She was in love with her own power.

He met her on the internet and instantly realized that he would be her type. When they finally met in person and she saw his enourmous size for the first time, he saw lust, mischief and even a trace of fear on her face. He was living for moments like that.

What goes through your mind when you read the three paragraphs? You probably think it goes downhill pretty fast, but I wonder if you see any connections between the spiritual teacher, the power hungry CEO and the sex-driven stud. All three want something, and all three have something to loose. Could it be that we are all just fooling ourselves in our spiritual search and wrap the same 'hunger for more' just in holy clothes?

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