Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Are You Sleeping?

Even though I do not consider myself a tense individual, my dreams used to tell a different story. I often had the same recurring dream: I was facing important exams and I didn't have enough time to prepare.

More recently, I observed a change in my dream patterns. They can still center around upcoming exams, but I either have plenty of time to prepare for it, or I discover that I have a choice which favorite subject to pick from. When I wake up I feel relaxed and happy. It seems that this negative energy field is dissolving. The Course in Miracles states that it is a good sign in the spiritual development if nightmares turn into happy dreams. I certainly hope this observation is correct.

A challenging part of our spiritual journey is to figure out whether we are still on the right track. How to know when to be forgiving or firm with ourselves or others? How do we know if the dream that we are visualizing is nothing but a big ego trip? I always go by signs of irritation creeping up in me, sudden resistance we are getting from our environment, as well as facing irritating situations as a sure sign that it is getting time for me to reposition again. It appears that the question 'How are you sleeping' is an important signpost as well.

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