Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Compression of Time

I have the feeling that time compresses as we wander along our spiritual path - cause and effect of everything you do becomes more and more apparent. If you make a mistake, you either immediately realize it, or, within a short period, the universe throws a ton of bricks at you. They are magic bricks, however, once you say "I am sorry, it won't happen again" and you mean it, the bricks turn out to be made out of foam and magically disappear the next day the sun comes out.

God said that you don't really have a choice in Neale Walsch's Conversation with God, sooner or later you will stumble along your chosen spiritual path. As you mature spiritually, time compresses and the cause and effect of everything you do will become clear at an increasing speed. Perhaps we can think of a vortex that sucks us in. Initially it takes a lifetime or two to figure something out, but, as the vortex sucks you in, insights hit you with an increasing speed.

Time is compressing spiritual co-travelers, you better fasten your seat-belt.

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