Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We are Eating from the Tree Again

"Surrender to life, don't surrender your desires". If I had to summarize my spiritual learning experience over the last couple of years in a sentence, that's how I would put it. Many of us in this community aspire to be free, and we try to achieve this goal by listening to the free spirits and their lessons. However, don't assume that you are operating on the same spiritual level. You have to follow your path instead.

When we ate from the tree of knowledge for the first time we were babies who had to be told that there is a divine part buried in the animal. We needed rules to discover our spiritual path. Today we are adolescence, we learn that we have a mission and suddenly there no longer are any rules. Play your part in the divine video game by following your passions. Actually, you don't have a choice in it anyway. Live your desires and burn them up in the process.

Arjun in the Gita discovered that he had to slaughter his friends and family, he hated his mission, but God Himself told me that he better do his job. What's your mission? Knowing what Christ and Buddha would do in your situation doesn't cut it. The divine play needs you to show up instead. Doing the "right" thing at the "right" time is your assignment. No pressure, at worst you can learn another life experience if you "mess up". As the Course in Miracles states, 'Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists". You have nothing to lose and your Self to gain.

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