Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mind the Hook

I looked at summer camp opportunities for my son the other day and came across a strange photo on a poster. It showed the picture of a girl playing some fishing game in which she bit into a sausage that was hanging on a hook held by some middle-aged guy. She had her eyes closed as if she was in a trance, while the angler had an expression-less bored look. How sad and disgusting the picture looked. You can imagine that I didn't sign my son up for this program.

The ego is where you perceive something is missing, somebody from the Personal Development Forum once said. How true and how blind we become once we hunt after these supposedly missing elements in our lives. Some of our needs are real while some only look real. Pursuing these mirages we stumble from accident to accident until we finally learn our lessons. The good news, once you have understood the fishing game you are finally free.

Listen to your intuition and drift from event to event in your life like a leave in the wind. Without anything to root for, no hook can get you.

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