Friday, March 26, 2010

In Synchronicity I Trust

Some of you have probably read James Redfields's Celestine Prophecy, a book that develops C. C. Jungs's synchronicity idea. Everything in this universe is interconnected. Little did I know a decade ago that one day I would live my life according to this principle.

The universe supplies me steadily with symbols that enable me to travel along my spiritual path. A slight pain in my right knee reminds me if I am inflexible; a small cut while shaving alerts me to a harmful train of thoughts; interruptions by my children indicate that I have messed up again somewhere; and then I am bombarded with specific messages from licence plate numbers, dates, initials, etc. What I enjoy most are the implicit messages from my friends as well as foes. Every person has a specific symbol for me and what they say sometimes hits me like a sledgehammer, even though for them these innocent statements have no meaning at all.

My wife asked me what if the universe suddenly send a message to divorce her. Well of course not, there is no randomness in these messages. They are just little nudges to make me realize what I already know, but haven't yet completely embraced on a conscious level. Actually, I am wondering whether all spiritual travelers experience these messages as intensely as I do. Probably not. If you have a developed inner voice you don't really need to send these symbolic messages to yourself. My starting point has been an incredibly developed intellect, but my "feeling" dimension has been somewhat underdeveloped. So my strategy is to surrender my ego and intellect to life instead.

I actually feel incredibly lonely. Most of the messages that I receive are so private and so tailored to my ideosyncratic spiritual path that I can't really discuss them with anybody else. My wife is my closest friend, but she would definitely consider me a nut case if I told her half the things that are going on in my brain. I once came accross a book by Nouk Sanchez and Thomas Vieira, Take me to Truth, in which they described their journey as soul partners along their spiritual path. It must be fun to have somebody so close with whom you can explore all the metaphysical laws together. Meanwhile, I travel happily myself and can't wait for all the symbols the universe will offer me today.

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