Friday, April 16, 2010

Don't Fire Your Coach

You may not be your thoughts, you may not be your feelings either. I am not exactly sure what to make with such a statement; does it really make sense to speculate about your true self when all you can experience is your self here and now? What I believe is authentic, it is you breathing in and out while saying "I am That". At this moment there actually are no thoughts and the feeling you experience is pure and hard to describe.

Your thoughts and feelings depend on the environment and the state of being you are in. Drink a glass or two of alcohol and it is hard to hear any guiding voice inside yourself. Watch pornography and it is difficult not to see your brother and sister as bodies. Be in a work environment about which you have few good things to say and it will be impossible not to react to your emotional baggage.

Mental bubbles come all the time. They offer you moment by moment the opportunity to make the right decision. The trick is to burst the bubble that you don't consider helpful along your spiritual path. You have to do it early before the train of thought leaves the station. Choose your environment, habbits and actions carefully. Most importantly, whatever you do, don't fire your coach.

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