Friday, April 9, 2010

Are we Human, or Are We Dancers?

I remember  having an intellectual discussion with a fellow graduate student who I actually didn't care for that much. At one point he did something unfair, he asked me to repeat what he just said. I had to admit that I had no idea because I had already mentally prepared my speech while he was still talking. These days are long gone and I am happy to report that something like this would probably not happen to me today. When I interact with my brothers and sisters, I tend to be with them 100% most of the time.

I once spent a few months in France to study french and somebody remarked that I am not really speaking, I am singing. Well, apparently I tried to compensate with my melodious voice my missing vocabulary, but this observation came to my mind when I wrote this blog. When I talk to my brothers and sisters today I tend to dance with them. I never have an agenda, just listening lustfully to every word they are saying, hoping they would volunteer yet again a meaningful spiritual insight, most often without their conscious knowledge.

Being mindful means that you keep on your spiritual path while your mind chatters on. Boy, that is really hard and I can only hope that one day I reach that stage. In the meantime, however, I have my brothers and sisters to dance with. You cannot help living in the now when you are with them. Shall we dance?

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