Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Dream

In a dream I saw a baby under water in a bath tub. How sad, I thought, this baby must be dead as I see no air bubbles. Then I heard a noise, the baby was alive. She was a girl and dark like Maa. I held her in my arms and was told that her name was Archana. If you have any interpretations at all, please let me know.


sd said...

Is that the entire dream? If so, it's very concise and purposeful. Archana, as you know, means prayer or puja or worship. Technically some people differentiate it from puja. They say archana is what the pandit performs for you when you go to the temple and request a puja be done for a specific God. The priest then blesses the mithai and fruit you have brought with you and you take it out and distribute it among family friends and others.

I am unable to say who this baby girl might be, but she certainly is a female spirit under distress (I think of your wife who is under distress, perhaps our mother who seeks eternal freedom, or someone from your family despite the color difference). I think if you perform a puja and archana for her, you could save her.

On a related note. I have been thinking a lot about mothers lately because of the death of a close friend's mother. I think I have told you about Ajanta and Ellora. Ajanta's mom, Shakuntala, died June 4. She was 77 and someone devoted to her gods (specially the dark Krishna from the south). I was fortunate to participate in a puja for her on June 2 performed in the ICU room. Yesterday Jamie took a day off from work and we went and spent most of the day at the funeral services and reception afterward. The puja was beautiful, and I got to see her one more time. You can visit her here...

Ajanta's family dog -Bonnie-of 11 years (77 yrs in human age) suddenly passed away on June 8th night. I believe Mrs. Naidu took Bonnie with her as a companion on her new journey.

After the funeral yesterday, I felt completely drained and could not understand why until this morning after I read your blog. I believe that when you direct your energy toward someone or something you are bound to feel exhausted. In this case, I believe my energies and prayers were accepted.

You may or may not get a sign that tells you that your energy has been accepted but you certainly received a sign that invites you to try.

Thank you for sharing, bruder. :-)

sd said...

Also, Ajanta, Ellora, Pushpa (Ajanta's sister) and her husband and daughter will all travel to Tirupati soon to disperse Mrs. Naidu's ashes.