Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Scary Witch

My youngest son is three now and he tends to be pretty fearless most of the time, but recently he has been complaining about a scary witch that he sees on the wall when he goes to sleep. Three seems to be an age when those fears of seperation appear. I remember how my older boy complained about a crocodile in the basement when he was that age.

Sometimes I wonder if we are that way too. Could all of our massive problems be nothing but shadows on the wall? What is the right remedy to deal with our problems? Should we manifest and visiualize them out of our lives or should we just face them until we reach that level of realization to recognize that they are not real? I have always opted for the latter - I think I am here to leave my personality blanket behind and all the dragons I am facing help me to rip them off. My personal power lies in the fact that I can walk effortlessly in the eye of the storm, otherwise I have none.

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