Monday, July 5, 2010

The Power of I Am

James Twyman reminds us in The Moses Code about the power of I Am. Moses was 60 by the time and a poor cattle herder when he heard a voice in the desert and experienced the power of I Am. Utter the holy words and experience how you are part of a force that is so much bigger than the little I you normally experience. James Twyman then goes on and argues that you can manifest whatever you want with this mantra. Well, I don't know about that. I myself use the power of I AM to discriminate the little I from the big one.

Do whatever you want, that is as long as you are responsible vis-a-vis your sisters and brothers, but realize that you are not that! At the end of the day, all that matters is the power of I Am, that is being connected with the Source moment by moment.

What is it your personality identifies with? Is it sex, wealth, power, or whatever else? Our spiritual journey is about leaving our personality behind like a blanket. So what will your last temptation be? Your personality will cling to something precious along your spiritual journey, something that always had a grip on you in the past, so you may as well conjecture now what the battle will be about to save precious time later.

A little play with words might be of help. If material comforts matter to you, would you say "I am wealthy (or poor)", or would you say "I have lots of (or little) money in the bank". If sex matters, would you say "I am attractive (or unattractive)" or would you say "I have a sexy (or unappealing) body'? When it comes to power, would you say "I am a CEO or spiritual writer" or "I have a creative job and responsibilities vis-a-vis others". Whatever you do, you are not that! There is only one thing eternal in your life and that is your soul connection with the Source. I Am, that is all there is really.

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