Friday, May 30, 2014

Love Sets You Free

She was born with a very sensitive and receptive body, and as it later turned out, with psychic abilities. She blended into different environments just like a chameleon adjust its colors. It took her a while to develop these natural abilities; she always thought she was just moody.

She grew up in a remote and small village surrounded by mountains and rice fields.  This environment nurtured her just like a mother would.  Every morning she woke up to a colorful sunrise, surrounded by green fields; she slumbered soundly when darkness descended. She was perfectly in tune with nature's rhythm. She was happy!

When she moved to the big city and entered into college she got really depressed and had no idea what was wrong. Wasn’t she supposed to be excited and enjoy her student lifestyle? But then, one day a friend invited her for a hiking tour at a near-by mountain.  That day her heart lightened up again. She felt a shift in her and had no idea why.

 Time went by and she had already lived in the big city for 10 years. There were ups and downs in her life but generally she was doing ok. She got married and moved to the busiest and fanciest area in town. Everything was supposed to be ok, but problems started to show up - she couldn't sleep well. Depression attacked her again after she gave birth to her second child. She thought she was going to burn out.

Another magic day arrived, a friend invited her and her children to her beach house. As she was sitting there by the beach, looking at the deep blue ocean, her depression disappeared like a fog in the morning sun. A calm and peaceful energy arouse in her. She felt home again.

These patterns should have been obvious by now; still, it took many more years of back and forth to discover her true Self. Back in the city and at work, negative energies came back. Especially when she was with big crowds or exposed to gossip and bad news. She became destructive and totally different. She had lots of negative energy and - in hindsight - seemed like it possessed her. When she identified with this dark energy she turned into a robot. You could almost predict her every move. Under these circumstances, her loved ones always suffered.

Can you resonate with this story? Have you ever noticed dark energy descending in you?Have you ever observed friends as they go down destruction alley? Like our friend in the story, can you can observe dark energy in yourself just as you recognize peace and love? Often this awareness is only indirect: the feeling that something is off, the predictability of action, the broken China on the floor. As you observe dark energy in friends you see their facial expression change; the easiness and light-heartedness disappears, the facial muscles appear stiff; the voice sounds edgy. The more you are captured by it, the more robotic you turn out to be.

If you want to step out of the dark energy you unfortunately can't go by pleasurable versus not; you have to be guided by love and peacefulness instead. Dark energy can come when you are thrown out of your comfort zone, but often it comes because you are running after things that you think give you pleasure, whereas life is here to remind that you run after a misguided image of your Self instead. Most people have a choice which energy field they want to associate with. Everyone has angels and temptations near-by. If you want to step out of the dark energy field once and for all, you have a powerful yard stick in your hand to accomplish this feat, love. Follow all motivations that are guided by love and avoid everything else to the best of your abilities. You are a living magnet, so attract freedom of choice, peace and happiness into your life. If you want to come Home, follow love - love sets you free!

 By Christian and Su Zhen

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