Saturday, May 31, 2014

Laser-like Focus along the Way

Have you observed how your thought process and your expectations decide what and how you will experience something? Your thoughts have incredible power to shape your actions and the outcome. Run this experiment for yourself - see what happens when you start something with a mindset of  scarcity and then see how you likely will struggle with it. On the contrary, start your project with a mindset of abundance and see how easy everything will turn out to be.

In a psychological experiment researchers asked a group of people to putt a golf ball on a putting green while they projected small circles on the ground, making the putting hole appear bigger. They then asked a different set of people to putt while they projected large circles on the putting green, making the hole appear smaller in comparison. What do you think the outcome was? Right, the first set of golfers had a much higher putting average. When you think the putting hole is large it is quite easy to hit it!

When we observe our thinking and monitor our interactions with others, it is quite easy to notice cluttered energy. Conflicting goals, mixed feelings vis-a-vis the people you spend time with, limited confidence in yourself or the outcome. Yet, how different everything turns out to be when your energy zooms into the desired target with the force of a laser. That's what the Law of Attraction is all about. Focus your entire being on the aimed result, anticipate the feeling that you have when you have what you aspire to get, and everything will be so much easier.

Worries are an energy buster and so is anger! You can't fight worries per se, but you can learn to side-step them. If the Tao sends a problem your way it must be meaningful, so what's there to worry about? The same for anger. If you learn over and over that it is you who projects all problematic issues onto others, why would you shoot the bearer of bad news? That's what a spiritual path is for, to show you that everything is in your power to do and that problems aren't about other people. Watch your confidence grow and your anger deflate as you walk the Way.

A spiritual path encourages you to bundle your energies and focus them in a meaningful direction just as a laser would. You decide on your mission and the Tao will send you Her messengers to help you get it implemented. When you observe tensions know that you still have conflicted energy in you. You have to realign something. Sometimes it is about adjusting your goals, while sometimes it is about standing up to the monsters of your own making. Study and observe yourself and your interactions with others just as every good scientist would.The more you tune in with your Self the more laser-like your energy will be.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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