Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sculpted by Life

I used to look down on people who appeared to be consumed by life. They looked old, stressed out and anxious. While many of these people often made a handsome living for themselves, to me they just didn’t look so glamorous.

Today I view this situation very differently - I would refer to many as life's warriors. Seen from that perspective, their missions are quite beautiful. I pay my respect to all of life's warriors! Truth of the matter is that we all have our ups and downs along the way, no matter how spiritual we are. We are all sometimes beaten up by life and worn down. Yet, when we learn our lesson, when our resistance recedes, life's energies often return and we can get our youthful expressions back. Like a magician, life turns our appearances around at her will.

We all can look old or ugly on a bad day. Still, this doesn't say anything about who we truly are. We just experience life as is and willingly participate in its ups and downs: glamorous, beautiful, young, old, ugly, stressed out, peaceful, upset, or blissful. All these are just temporary expressions; we are beyond them all. Like a chameleon we adjust to whatever comes our way. Trust that life sculpts you beautifully if you let it. Let go of your resistance and jump right in.

By Su Zhen

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