Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Just Accept How You Feel

Has it ever happened to you that you are mad at someone but your mind tells you that you should love her instead? We Christians are told that we should love our neighbor as ourself. While this all very nice, the risk is that we often just repress how we truly feel at that moment.

Try to understand how we feel at that particular moment and why we feel that way instead of repressing that emotion altogether. We are not saying that you should throw a tantrum, but we are encouraging you to accept your emotion as it is. By accepting your emotions, you allow your energy to flow.  On the other hand, if you just tell yourself that you should feel otherwise and repress your original feeling, that energy is stuck within and it will take a while - and will require yet another trigger - to get it out of the system.

The same insight applies vis-a-vis any repressed emotion. You may feel anxious and nervous but you mind tells you that you should feel peaceful and calm instead and somehow you convince yourself that this is a case even though anyone who observes you would conclude otherwise. If you follow your mind you can sense a tension building up in you. If you do this over the years, you will feel the pressure rising in you without really knowing why.

 Try to accept and understand and express all your emotions in a safe way.  Again, it doesn’t mean that you should do whatever your heart feels.  Just express your emotions it in an acceptable way and understand it. Listen to music, have alone time. Allow symbolic gestures or let go off steam in whatever venue - your sanity and peace depends on it.

If the situations allows, just sit there and be one with your emotion. You may suffer a little at first, but soon you will experience magic. By accepting your emotions, you will allow your energy to transform and leave the system.

 Practice this method and you will experience peace. Sure you still feel some turbulent energy from time to time but they are just like little pebbles falling into a big pond. It won’t create a turbulent energy in you for long. Just remember that we are here to learn and experience.  Don’t be afraid to make little mistakes.  We are perfect already.  Have fun with your life and live!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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