Monday, June 9, 2014

Keep Your Faith - Just Keep Walking

In our daily life we sometimes come across some people who are not loving and friendly; we also encounter people who have given up deep inside and have become bitter and sarcastic. Remember two things in these situations: first, these are just demons of your own making. Just keep on walking and they will disappear before you know it. Second, your struggling soul siblings too will find the Way eventually. Give them some alone time to find their Self.

There is only love wherever you go and nothing but. If you perceive the lack of love in yourself and in others, just accept this state and keep on walking. You and your soul sibling had a bad day, that's all! Let's see how you feel tomorrow when the movie starts again. Please don’t lose your hope whenever you have a dark day.  The sun always comes out the next day. Patience and forgiveness is something the Way will teach you.

The yin and yang of life is always present. When you have seen this dynamics in action a few times it is quite easy after a tough day to go home and - with the help of a glass of wine - to toast yourself and your soul sibling to a much better day tomorrow. Please keep the faith and keep on walking along the Way.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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