Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sex and Spirituality

I am in every bedroom.
(God in Neal Walsch's Conversations with God)

How do you feel about your own sexual desires? Do you feel embarrassed when sex comes up in a conversation? It seems that these sexual desires are the dark corners of most spiritual folks. Yet, we must have coped with them rather well, otherwise we would have been around for millions of years. Naturally, we are excited about having sex, yet deep inside, we are scared that someone else will find out about our dark secrets.

Why do these natural feelings have to become dark secrets? Mostly sex is frowned upon by our society. Do we need to feel bad if we feel aroused by an attractive somebody we see on the street? Is it a sin if we are married but still lust after a good-looking friend, neighbor or colleague? Often we are just too embarrassed to admit that we are so horny and that we want to act out our animalistic side without any limitation. These instincts are part of us, so why exactly do we have to negate them in the name of spirituality, culture or marriage? If God has designed us this way, it must be meaningful. So instead of repressing our nature, we should try to express our desires to the best of our abilities without trampling on our spiritual dimension.

A spiritual path is about satisfying all your longings, physical and spiritual; soul and Self can walk hand in hand. You figure out how you want to express yourself and the Way will put the pieces together for you. We would encourage you to find a path that satisfies all your longings. Everything and everyone is in harmony along the Tao. Perhaps you have some platonic soul partnerships; perhaps you have some steamy ones. Explore and find the Way that expresses you. Life stands ready to communicate with you, all you have to do is to listen. Sex and spirituality don't have to be in conflict. God said She is in every bedroom in Her conversations with Neale Walsch's, so you seem to have divine approval if you want to express the sexual longings of your soul.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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