Monday, June 30, 2014

This Too Shall Pass

Have you ever observed how destructive and negative you become when things are not going your way? When life bombards you with tons of stuff to finish in a tight schedule, when you still get interrupted by unexpected accidents, and when you start undermining yourself because your mind is elsewhere. To make matters worse, the stress keeps you awake for several nights in a row, and you don't even have the energy for your balancing exercises and meditation sessions.

Everyone goes through these phases from time to time. Try to listen to the thoughts that are racing through your mind. Measure your pulse and see how your body is on the edge. You hear "There is not enough time", "you are a loser", "they are out to get me", etc, in your head.

While you cannot stop negative karma catching up with you from time to time, the trick is to step out of that dark cloud of doomed thoughts that want to convince you that this negative energy will stay with you forever.

 “This too shall pass” is a phrase that you should chant in response. Just like your ego wants to hypnotize you when the going gets rough, use this little mantra to convince yourself that the rough gets going. The universe never conspires against you, only you can! Break free from the vicious cycle. "This too shall pass" gives us hope, courage, and patience to face whatever it is we need to deal with.

The rain-cloud is passing but you are sitting in a cosy cafe reading this note. With the realization that you are in charge, and soon the sun comes out. And once again, the Tao smiles on you. May we all have courage, patience, and wisdom to embrace every moment of our life!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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