Saturday, July 26, 2014

Be One a With the Emptiness

Why do some people work so hard? Why do some people cling on to their friends? Why do some people search for God, and why do many try to boost their moods with the help of sex, alcohol, shopping and other forms of entertainment?

Could it be that deep down inside there is a restlessness, an emptiness, or a dread that we want to escape? Face your fears, accept your restlessness and be one with your emptiness and just see what happens. We are not saying hat God does not exist, and we are not saying that She cannot be experienced, but to be one with the beyond you first have to break through this state of disconnectedness.

Spiritual awakening is the ability to be still in the face of fear, greed, depression and restlessness. The voice in your head and the feelings in your gut want you to run, want you to avoid, want you to get, want you to search, want you to get "better". Well, just sit there and do nothing. Be one with the emptiness and experience how out of a sudden light and love stream in.

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