Thursday, July 24, 2014

Discover the Golden Rule for Yourself

Vivekananda once told the story of an Indian king who was defeated by another king, and when his foe approached him, the other king simply took a dagger and executed him. In his last breath, the dying king whispered, "Thou art Him" and fell to the ground.

A Torah expert once said that if the gist of the entire Old Testament had to be summed up in one sentence it probably would be the Golden Rule, "Treat your brother as you want to be treated." The Golden Rule always rang in our ears like a normative statement, so something one aspires to accomplish, yet, along a spiritual path you realize that it is more of an observation than a command. If instead you realize that every brother who comes your way is a sort of a mirror image of yourself, would you be mad at your own reflection?

While the Golden Rule comes natural to anyone who walks the Way, we rarely spot our Self in others. Sure, glimpses of the divine are granted to us on occasions. Yet, few of us would perhaps see the Lord in an opponent who is about to execute us on the spot. Yet, probably even that  is true

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