Monday, July 14, 2014

The Rhythm of our intelligent body

Have you ever had that experience that your energy suddenly slumps and you don’t have any motivation to do anything?  If this is happening to you right now please know that this too is a perfect reaction to the situation you are in. Everything happens for a reason! Find out what exactly is going on. Have you been working too hard too long? Have you run into walls only to find that they are a little sturdier than you are? This energy slump may be telling you that you need a rest, mentally and physically.

Too often we are not in tune with the rhythm of our intelligent body. Our body sends us signals to take a rest and we mentally override it, exhausting our energy supply in the process. Or our body signals a few symptoms of "dis-ease" just to encourage us to make a change, and we immediately panic and assume the worst. Tune into your body, de-emphasize your mind for a moment, and you have all the answers you need.

We need to respect both our physical body, our emotions and our spirit. Will-power and the mind have to respect and to honor all these dimensions. There is a harmony and a strength of our system when all forces interact and respect each other's boundaries. Don't push yourself to the limit - find your balance and harmony instead.

If you really follow the rhythm of your intelligent body, after she is fully charged, you will suddenly find the dynamics to move and take action.  It is effortless action.  It is like you join the flow of a big river - joy and energy flow right through you.

So have fun and don't worry about energy loss. You are now experiencing the rhythm of life. Why to worry about falling leaves in the autumn? You don't worry about bare trees in the winter either, because you know they are resting and recharging themselves.  When the spring comes, they are ready to bloom and share their beauty with us, same with our dis-eases and energy slumps. Listen to body’s whispers and rest patiently. Soon, you are ready to move and act again like a tiger!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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