Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Caroline Knapp was an anorexia and put her struggles down in the book Appetites. She actually started her story with an observation of Renoir's paintings, and the fact that many women he drew were quite chubby, a symbol of lust, power and abundance. She never allowed herself that privilege and instead starved and punished herself. In her words, "I would make myself small, fragile, and non-threatening". When she psychologically analyzed herself she figured that she punished herself for the problems of her parents. She became a mirror of their unresolved struggles.

Princess Diana had a different eating disorder, bulimia. When she came out admitting her affliction,she said that during her eating binges she temporarily felt the feeling of fulfillment that is missing in her life. Diana replaced the missing love from her husband with food!
Amazingly, both women knew the root cause of their afflictions, yet how hard is was for both of them to change course.

It is not hard to see that the feeling of abundance would have helped both women. The affirmation that they already have: for Caroline, who had an superb intellect and a giant heart, the right to display all with a full figure, thus stepping out of her parent's shadow for once and for all. For Princess Diana, the realization that she had the love of her children and England; all she had to do was to end her love-less marriage.

What is your perceived area of insecurity? Are you pressed for time, do you mind something about your body; is something missing in your job or your love life? Remind yourself of the abundance of the universe. If the almost infinite universe accelerates with increasing speed, as some researchers claim, do you really believe there is something God is not willing or able to give you? Believe in abundance and peace will be yours.

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