Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Sometimes, when negative experiences show up in our life, we tend to complain or blame others, God, or whoever else for our suffering. We often view ourselves as victims of life and easily identify ourselves with the situation and think that our life is doomed forever. Even positive experiences may trap us. We like these experiences so much that we identify ourselves with them and try to run after them even though life has other plans for us right now.

Please be aware that either thinking can be poison. The mind, our expectations, our judgments or previous disappointments keep us from experiencing what is. Whenever reality is different from our fantasy world, we are annoyed and bothered; yet we are missing out a meaningful experience by being elsewhere.

Whenever we remember who we are; whenever experiences just flow through us without sticking to us, we are again aware of our true identity as pure consciousness. We then open ourselves up to life without fear and eagerly engage with what is. We have trust because we experience the Force we are connected to.

Whenever we are reconnected with Her, we know nothing can contaminate us internally, and nothing can touch us externally. We are suddenly free!

By Christian and and Su Zhen

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