Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Spiritual Mastery

As children we had some of this intuitive power and spontaneity, but it is generally drummed out of us by all the information that overloads our minds over time. Masters return to this childlike state, their works displaying degrees of spontaneity and access to the unconsciousness, but at a much higher level than the child.
Robert Green, Mastery

Is there ever a time when one is "there"? Is there a time when you reach that kind of mastery when you can literally walk on water? The state Robert Green talks about is probably known to you when you feel really creative; when you connect with others and you are gelling with them in that playful, creative moment. Fact of the matter is that the creative moment flows through you - if you try to manipulate it, try to put your personal spin on it, or try to expect it, it will be gone like Cinderella after mid-night.

Rumi describes spiritual mastery in the following way. "Vanish, and he makes you shine like the sun. Fall, and He raises you to the heavens. Become nothing and He will turn you into everything." It it is not so hard to understand why there are so few spiritual masters among us. Very few would care to do that.

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